M Group Q&A

M Financial Group Frequently Asked Questions

What is M Financial Group?

M Financial Group consists of, and is owned by, a national network of independent member firms carefully chosen from among an elite group of industry leaders.

While the firms may specialize in specific fields, all are experts in dealing with the complex issues that face high net worth clients, and are committed to serving them in the most ethically responsible and strategically sound manner.

How can M Financial Group offer me proprietary products?

M Financial Group was founded on the understanding that typical financial and insurance products simply do not meet the needs of the affluent and corporate markets.

The client base of the M Group Member Firms represents extraordinary premium volume, mortality, and persistency trends, as well as exceptionally high average policy face amounts.  These cost drivers, paired with M’s significant life insurance distribution power, translate into the ability to work closely with major insurance carriers and product manufacturers to create innovative and proprietary products designed for wealth preservation and executive benefits programs.

What are the benefits of working with M Financial Group and its proprietary products?

There are several benefits, including:

  • M Financial Group’s proprietary products have different underlying cost drivers that positively impact performance.
  • Their relationships with carriers and their proprietary products allow Member Firms like us to enhance our in-force management of our client’s life insurance portfolios relating to policy expense management.
  • M Financial Group carriers offer the Member Firms access dedicated resources that allow us to provide proactive, prompt and sound service to our clients.